Digital marketing.

Are you struggling to harness Digital Marketing on any level? We’re here to help.

Being on top of your Digital Marketing game is essential in the 21st Century. A comprehensive Digital strategy can help you get the jump on competition and amplify your return on investment. From Google and Facebook advertising, through to SEO, Embryonex has got you covered. Our team of experts take on your strategy and goals to build cohesive streams of advertising to keep your product or service front-of-mind with your target audience.

Google Ads.

Getting your business solution to match search intent is now an essential element within a modern marketing strategy. Using Google Advertising can deliver significant return, considering you only pay when someone clicks your link and visits your website. We offer comprehensive PPC management, from building and tweaking Keywords, to reporting and making recommendations to improve performance.

We also use Google Display Network to re-market to prospective customers and distribute ads to them as they interact with Google Partner websites.


When producing websites for our clients, we build with SEO front-of-mind. From the fundamental basics like site speed and metadata, through to developing a content marketing strategy, we continuously monitor Google’s algorithm to respond to the ever-changing demands to ensure you stay ahead.

Facebook Ads.

Facebook advertising is now a legitimate solution for B2C organisations. Facebook’s incredible data pool allows advertisers to target granular audiences that are a perfect fit. With seamless ad integration, ability to market to ‘lookalike’ audiences and the option to produce dynamic content (across FB and Instagram), it’s a platform that more and more of our clients are investing in. We can help you retarget like never before by installing Facebook’s ‘Pixel’ code that tracks users from your website on to Facebook, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to follow up interest.

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