Hubert C Leach Ltd (in members’ voluntary liquidation) (formerly trading as Leach Homes) (“the Company”)

After over 80 years in the development and house building business the shareholders of the Company met on 31st December 2014 and resolved to commence the formal solvent winding up of the Company and its affairs. Accordingly, Anthony Cliff Spicer and Finbarr Thomas O’Connell of Smith & Williamson LLP were appointed joint liquidators of the Company in a solvent liquidation process on 31 December 2014.

As you can imagine, with a business of this pedigree, it will take some time for the process to run its full course.  The shareholders are committed to ensuring that all of the agreed liabilities of the Company are met before the conclusion of the liquidation.

The joint liquidators are working with a number of parties familiar with the Company’s operations to ensure that this process is managed appropriately, accurately and expediently.


Property Owners

An agreement with NHBC has been established whereby the NHBC will assume all ongoing obligations and liabilities of the Company in relation to its obligation to you under the Buildmark Policy relating to your property.

If you are the first owner of the property, this will have been issued to you by the Company when you purchased the property.  If you are not the first owner of the property, this policy will have been issued to the first owner by the Company, and will have passed to you automatically when you purchased the property.

This arrangement, which is at no additional cost to you, means you will have access to the NHBC's defects response service. As the transfer takes effect automatically, you do not need to take any action in response to this email unless you have become aware of any issues with your property.

Accordingly, if you have / or do become aware of any defects in the construction of your property, which you think may be covered by the policy, please contact NHBC directly using the contact details below:

Tel: 0800 035 6422 and ask for “Claims”




The directors of the Company have made a Declaration of Solvency to the effect that all of the Company’s debts will be paid in full.  This is therefore a solvent liquidation, meaning that any amounts owing to you or any party, by the Company prior to liquidation and in respect of services enlisted post liquidation will be met in full.

Although the trading operations of the Company concluded upon the joint liquidators appointment, an organised wind down of the Company’s affairs is continuing for the time being under the supervision of the joint liquidators and their staff.
If you believe you are owed any funds by the Company please forward details of any claim to the joint liquidators providing full details (retention amount and date for repayment) and copies of supporting documents. If you contend that you have any form of security, please contact the joint liquidators in writing together with all supporting documents.

Please note retentions will only be repaid net of any contra-charges and upon the receipt of a valid claim, with supporting paperwork and after the expiry of the relevant retention period.

Liam Clarke and James McGrath of the joint liquidators’ staff are dealing with the day to day matters in this regard on behalf of the joint liquidators of the Company, therefore please contact them with any claims or queries you may have on the details outlined below:

Smith & Williamson LLP
Restructuring and Recovery Services
25 Moorgate
London EC2R 6AY

Tel: 020 7131 4342
Fax: 020 7131 4019


Other matters

Should you need to contact any of the companies or individuals formerly associated with the Leach Homes’ organisation and it’s operations, please contact Michaela Byford on the contact details outlined below:

Tel: 01992 704112


Hubert C. Leach Limited (in members’ voluntary liquidation) (“the Company”)
Anthony Cliff Spicer and Finbarr Thomas O’Connell of Smith & Williamson LLP, 25 Moorgate, London, EC2R 6AY were appointed as joint liquidators of the Company in a solvent liquidation process winding down the Company’s affairs with effect of 31st December 2014.
The affairs, business and property of the Company are being managed by the liquidator, Anthony Cliff Spicer and Finbarr Thomas O’Connell who act as agents of the Company and without personal liability
Details of the licensing bodies for Smith & Williamson insolvency practitioners can be accessed at